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Residential Laundry Service

“Extraordinary Laundry Service could not be easier. I just toss my dirty clothes on my porch and they magically reappear two days later perfectly folded and ready to wear. It’s cheap, incredibly easy, and does great things for the community.”

Stefan Hansen, PKP

How Residential Laundry Service Works


Sign up for weekly wash/dry/fold service.

Choose the bag size that fits your family:

A regular bag holds about 20 lbs. and is typically chosen by individuals or couples.

A large bag holds about 35 lbs. and is typically chosen by small families or athletes.

Tip: Feel free to choose more than one bag if you have a large family or a lot of laundry! View all prices.


We contact you to schedule the pickup day that works best for everyone.

Depending on your location, pick-ups occur on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays with clean clothes delivered back 48 hours later.


Enjoy more time with your family and friends!

Why choose Extraordinary Laundry Service?

We are the best laundry service value in Chapel Hill and Carrboro!

Our wash/dry/fold residential laundry service is the most affordable in Chapel Hill with free pick up and drop off for residential customers. The laundry bag is free too!

Our customers love the quality of our service. Check out our great reviews!

And your choice to use Extraordinary Laundry makes a difference in our community.  We are a local business with a commitment to providing employment opportunities to people of all abilities.  It’s a clean-cut win-win!