Extraordinary Laundry Service Pricing

Wondering how much laundry service costs?
We offer competitive pricing for Residential, Student, and Commercial laundry service in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and the surrounding area.

We provide weekly laundry service and charge monthly (or per semester for UNC student laundry).

Regular Bag $145
Large Bag $170

UNC Student Laundry

Per Semester

Regular Bag $500
Large Bag $650
$2 per pound
20 lb. minimum per bag

Laundry bag sizes

The regular bag holds approximately 20 lbs.,
depending on contents.
Typically selected by individuals and couples.

 The large bag holds approximately 35 lbs.,
depending on contents.
Typically selected by small families or athletes.

Extraordinary Laundry Service Area

Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and surrounding area
20+ minutes away from our address will be assessed for route convenience and refunded if too far.

Have more questions about laundry service?
We’re happy to help.

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