How Laundry Service Works

We offer residential / UNC student / commercial subscription wash/dry/fold laundry service which includes a weekly pick up and drop off.


Registered customers will receive an Extraordinary Laundry bag at no charge.

The large bag holds approximately 35 lbs., depending on contents. Typically selected by small families or athletes. Additional bags can be added to a subscription at any time for those who find they have more laundry. 

The regular bag holds approximately 20 lbs., depending on contents. Typically selected by individuals and couples.


Fill the bag up with your dirty laundry.

There is no weight limit, the bag just needs to be closed securely with the drawstring. Only clothes that can be washed and dried should be put in the bag. Clothes that require special handling or dry cleaning should not be included in your laundry bag.


We’ll come by weekly at the same predetermined day and location to pick up your dirty laundry.

Clothes are brought back to our facility where they are sorted, washed, dried, folded, and wrapped in plastic to protect your freshly laundered clothes.


Approximately 48 hours after pick-up, your clothes are returned folded and ready to use.

Good to Know

  • All clothes are washed in cold water using fragrance-free detergent and a color catcher sheet.
    If you would like your own detergent to be used, it can be sent in your laundry bag with the clothing to be washed, as long as the drawstring still closes. The detergent will be returned in your laundry bag with your clean clothing.
  • Everything is washed the same way. Sending delicates or items requiring special handling is not recommended.
  • If any items require a small mesh bag, you will need to provide the bag with the items already inside.
  • Please note that we do not use bleach and do not treat stains. Feel free to use an appropriate stain pre-treatment if you wish.
  • Clothes are dried on medium heat to prevent shrinkage.
  • We are unable to accommodate heavy or bulky items like bath mats and comforters. Towels and sheets are just fine.
  • We do not accept items with the “Three P’s”: pee, poop, or puke. Thanks for understanding!

Residential and commercial laundry service subscriptions are billed monthly.
The UNC student laundry service subscription is billed by the semester.

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